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About RAP (Recruiter Association Program)

RAP® is a social initiative of Ace Pro Factor® as a part of mission to facilitate employment for 100k candidates by 2025 globally. The initiative is self funded by Ace Pro Factor and hence does not charge any cost to recruiters associated with the initiative. Following are the highlights of the program.


Benefits from RAP

  • Free lead generation upto 100 candidates

  • Free support for upto 5 campus placement drives

  • Free support in promotion of job vacancy

  • Flexibility to use RAP to post multiple job / internship vacancies

  • Recruiter shall be connected directly to campus/candidate and hence can assure transparency and ease of process

  • Recruiters participating in the initiative shall receive certificate of appreciation on first successful placement 


  • Any recruiter authorised to represent for recruitment of any registered Startup/ MSME / /NGO / MNC / Government Undertaking

  • Decision of admission to initiative is reserved with management of Ace Pro Factor


PROCESS OF RAP (Recruiter Association Program)













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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​


1) Why is RAP free!

 : RAP is free as its a social initiative of Ace Pro Factor to create employment by bridging gap between candidates and recruiters

2) How does Ace Pro Factor generate leads for recruiters!

: After job vacancy update by recruiter, Ace Pro Factor promote the vacancy (with or without disclosing brand) among talent pool registered with Ace Pro Factor campus and employment programs (Over 100k talent pool) and pass on data of interested candidates to recruiter

3) Can a recruiter withdraw from initiative due to any valid reason!

: Any associated recruiter may give a written confirmation on interest of termination from program and may withdraw within 7 working days without any penalties

4) Can a recruiter/consultant charge from candidate for recruitment!

: As RAP is a social initiative provided for supporting employability, recruiters/consultants cannot charge from candidates

5) Do a recruiter/consultant have to pay any charges upto 100 leads for recruitment!

: No, its 100% free of cost

6) Do a recruiter/consultant have to compulsorily agree for a paid model post 500 leads for recruitment!

: The service will auto stop at 100 leads and recruiter may choose to upgrade to a premium plan or choose to disconnect from the initiative without any questions 

7) Do a recruiter/consultant can get specific domain leads such as engineering student leads for recruitment!

: Yes, recruiters may specify same when updating the job vacancy

8) Does Ace Pro Factor conduct interview on behalf of brand!

: No, Ace Pro Factor only generate leads as per job vacancy (Recruiters may opt for Ace Pro Factor verified 'outsourced recruiters' incase if needed)

9) How can a recruiter know more about the initiative!

: Mail us at or call us at +91-9769170003

Restrictions/ Disclaimer

  1. RAP® is a social initiative of Ace Pro Factor Asia and any recruiters shall not be allowed to demand any monetary benefit from Ace Pro Factor or candidates involved in the initiative and incase if found same, the recruiter shall be terminated from the initiative with or without notice

  2.  The responsibility of Ace Pro Factor shall be limited to generate candidate leads for the recruiters involved till the end of tenure of association under RAP® and rest all process of recruitment shall be conducted by recruiters 

  3. Ace Pro Factor have complete rights to dismiss the initiative with or without notice     



No Agreement

100% Free

No Minimum Hiring Commitment

Upto 50 Free Candidate Leads

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Only Interest letter required

100% Free

No Minimum Hiring Commitment

Upto 100 Free Candidate Leads

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An opportunity to be a part of one of biggest employment initiative of 2021 and use RAP advantage to top in your recruitment targets

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